At only 20 years old, Alex managed to make a name for himself, catching the eye of multiplatinum songwriter Édgar Barrera, who signed him to his young record label Borderkid Records. Luna’s single “Te marqué pedo” went viral worldwide in 2022 and peaked at the top of Billboard Viral 50 Global, marking a significant milestone in his career and gaining the recognition of Christian Nodal, who recorded the remix together with DAAZ.

His love affair with music started at 8 years old, when he started playing the guitar. At 17, he was producing songs for his friends, and two years later he decided to start his career as an artist. “I love to experiment and combine new genres, bringing them to a digestible sound for any ear”, he says.

In 2022, at the age of 21, Alex Luna had already earned several awards, including a double platinum award, a platinum award, and two gold discs in just one year. What sets him apart from his counterparts is his ability to participate in the entire music-making process, from songwriting to mixing.

This led Borderkid Records to sign him as both a singer and a songwriter. While managing his solo career, Luna also contributes to collaborations with other artists, showcasing his versatile abilities as a composer. His style of music predominantly falls under the Latin genre of international mexican music but he brings his unique blend of beats, rhythm, and simple and relatable lyrics that captivate his listeners. With his music and personality, Luna has been able to engage with his fans, keeping them wanting for more.

Alex Luna is a rising star in the music industry. At his current age of 22, he has already achieved a lot and fascinated millions of people. We can expect only bigger and better from Alex, and his talent and hard work will ensure an exciting musical journey for his fans and himself alike.